Pod Quadri (15 mm)

Code: L 09 – L 10 – L 11
Sizes Available: Universal

Tynor Pods are accessories to every walking device. Appropriate materials and designing have made Tynor pods a product of choice. An appropriate blend of P. U and PVC ensures a long life of the product, and antislip properties. Transparency adds to the aesthetics. of the product. Available in various sizes to fit in all walking aids such as walkers, auxiliary crutch. elbow crutch, quadripod walking stick, tripod walking stick or general walking sticks.

  • Anti slip
  • Transparent
  • Long life
  • Special composition


  • PU/PVC Pod.
    1. Very long life.
    2. Transparent looks.
    3. Better aesthetics.
    4. Antislip properties.
  • Steel disc.
    1. Stick doesn’t cut into the Pod.
    2. Enhances functional life of the pod.
  • Pyramid design.
    1. Sturdy.
    2. Long life.

How to Wear

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