Pelvic Traction Belt

Code: G 06
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Pelvic Traction Belt is a traction halter which holds the pelvic area and pulls the sacral, lumbar and thoracic areas of the vertebral column. Pelvic traction belt through the slings on the two sides get attached to the spreader bar, traction pulley bracket and the weights.

• Accurate focus of the tractional force
• Large Hook Loop area
• Strong and sturdy
• Improved aesthetics


  • Ergonomic design and materials
  • Can be conveniently used at homes or hospitals.
  • Sturdy design for a long life and multiple use.
  • Large hook loop area provides customized compression and flexlblllty In sizing.
  • Oblique traction straps ensure the vector of the tractional force on to the LS vertebras.

How to Wear

Size Chart