Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd. was conceived at a time when Orthopedic products available to the Indian patient were either of a very low quality if produced in India or they were very expensive and not affordable if they were imported.

Our History

Mid 90’s witnessed a major overhaul of the macro-economic fiber of India. With the opening of the economy Indian consumer was exposed to the world class products in almost all fields. Indian consumer was yearning for world class and affordable products in orthopedics as well.

To achieve the goal of high quality and affordability, we focused on

  • High operational efficiency
  • The state of art manufacturing facility
  • Systematic approach to manufacturing
  • 3- D computer designing,
  • Team of committed professionals.

Marketing was never our forte, and perhaps was never required, because orders overflowed from day one.

Our Vision and Mission


“Providing world class and innovative solutions in orthopedics and allied fields, through focus on R & D.

To work in collaboration with academic and medical fraternity to improve health care standards.

Emphasis on ethical working and use of technology to reduce cost of health care.”


To achieve a turnover of $100 million in the next 5 years.
To become one of the top ten orthopedic company of the world and establish the legacy of high quality and in-built affordability


Tynor is known for

  • Most acceptable designs.
  • High quality products.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Wide range of products.
  • High value for money products and services.
  • State of art production facility.
  • Most modern techniques of management.
  • Guarantee / Warrantee on products.
  • Healthy dealer margins.
  • Prompt product delivery.
  • Both product and system accreditations and certifications.
  • ERP bases, computerized process controls.
  • Active research and product development wing.
  • An honest approach to customer satisfaction.

Growth & Achievements

Within a span of 15 years Tynor has grown to become one of the top two brands in India for Orthopedic appliances with 500 dealers spread across the country and overseas dealers in about 30 countries.

Tynor has recently collaborated with French orthopedic appliances major M/s
Thuasne Participation. Tynor is poised for a major expansion in the next three years with an expected investment of Rs. 100 crore and employment to more than 1000 persons.


Though a young company, we have some notable achievements

  • We were the first to start organized marketing of Orthopedic appliances in India.
  • First to call on doctors for such products.
  • First to be ISO 9000, ISO 13485 & WHO GMP Certified CO. certified in Orthopedic appliances in India.
  • Fully air conditioned manufacturing facility.
  • One of the top 2 brands of Orthopedic appliances in India.
  • All modern tools of production, like Toyota Production system, 5S, 3M, pokayoke, Kaizen SMED etc fully implemented .
  • Fastest growing company in Orthopedic appliances in India.
  • First to have a foreign equity.
  • Exports to 30 countries.

Production, Marketing & Quality assurance

Our production facility is housed in multiple units, a mini factory concept, for each production process. State of art manufacturing capability with “In house designing and product development sections, Automates for fabric cutting and pasting operations, A stitching and tailoring unit, An efficient painting plant, An 8 stage anodizing unit, Silicon moulding section, Thermoforming section, Assembly line, Packaging department , Quality assurance dept etc.

Manufacturing is done on lines of ‘Toyota Production System’ which ensure excellent quality of the produce, lean and faster production, cleaner environment, with low reject & quick change over’s resulting in low manufacturing cost and high motivation amongst workers.

Cleaner production, a thorough implementation of Japanese ‘5 S’ and streamlined movement of material and men results in reduction of bio-burden of the product.

Continual improvement is a way of life contributed by every level of hierarchy, through a series of ‘Kaizen’ and ‘Poka yoke’.

Competence and skills of every worker is improved through regular training, tests and competitions


Tynor is well established and a preferred name in India. Tynor distributes the goods through loyal and disciplined Super dealers in the length and breadth of the country, district by district combing it most intensively.

Tynor exports to about 30 countries like Mexico, Lebanon, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, UAE, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc

Quailty Assurance

The quality assurance team has developed a six staged strong quality process which is well documented and improved continually A well-coordinated team of quality inspectors is responsible for rigorous quality control and delivery of a standard product. The concept of “Every worker is a quality inspector


Online Retailing of Tynor Products

We welcome the online retailing of our products.

All companies interested, are required to obtain specific permission from Tynor Orthotics P Ltd to use our Intellectual Property such as logo, images, contents, designs, materials etc.

It is further expected that the companies shall make their best effort to present correct content/ information to the customer/ public/ professionals.

Unauthorized use of any content or copy from our web site / catalogue etc without permission is not allowed and is punishable under law.





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